Tuesday, December 18, 2018

President Xi warns ‘no one will dictate to Chinese people’ [feedly]

 Please see attached the full remarks of Xi Xingping. Also linked here. Also included, this article from Asia Times, who's headline is "We will not be bullied", the strong and growing Chinese patriotism/nationalism (I understand nearly EVERYONE in China is now buying only Huawei phones), including military buildup.

I will not attempt to summarize. But this is indeed a serious guy. Certainly, he seems weighty by comparison to Thumper.
Plus, there has been a distinct break, or perhaps specialization, within Chinese Socialism/Communist ideology from some previous iterations, both in China, and
other countries. The new phase is emergent and developing, but evidence based SCIENCE, -- real, not just 'dogmatic science' -- in virtually every field from 
law to physics, is the strongest theme. The Chinese "characteristics" as a developing nation make much of the Chinese experience 
and its historic path not very relevant to the US. But as China rises a billion people toward their goal of an across the board "moderately prosperous nation",
global convergences are going to increase the links both cultural and economic -- and political -- between our countries will
cause us all to pay attention.

Asia Times article:
President Xi warns 'no one will dictate to Chinese people'

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