Friday, December 7, 2018

I had a crazy dream talkin to Mimke bloomberg

I am interested in the Michael Bloomberg presidential candidacy. My first question is: Has the labor movement, or the 'Bernie Sanders' constituency, broadly speaking -- my base, more or less :) -- got a deal to propose with Mr Bloomberg, a hard headed but pragmatic globalist billionaire liberal, on LABOR's REVIVAL as the effective, and most market oriented means of reversing the aggravated inequality tearing this country apart. and restoring a just distribution the shares of growth to labor AND capital? I ask the question in reference to Mr Bloomberg, who has a well documented financial and political record, as I would ask it reference to any representative, rational members of the billionaire class.

My (short) version of a deal:

I am not proposing a return to the 30's, Mr Bloomberg. I am proposing a certain shift in the adversarial stance of US labor laws, written in the 1930's and 1940's toward transforming labor organizations into quasi public institutions. These institutions can and should be principle conveyors in universalizing health care, and adjusting flexible workforces to the structural and retraining shifts mandated by both automation and globalization. The new world requires adaptation to rapid changes in work and family. Institutionalizing democratic, labor-based organizations as publicly accountable, self-administrators of much of the necessary transitions between jobs, careers, families and retirement could pave a new path in American competitiveness and economic justice for American workers.

It can enable the losers in these painful transitions to become winners. As quasi public institutions, as full partners in society, labors' own politics could become more parliamentary, and diverse, in its own ranks -- a challenge in the past, forced upon labor politics by the neverending war by corporations to destroy it.

Do we have grounds for discussion, Mr Bloomberg?

If we do not, if this path toward progressive social peace in IRRATIONAL to Mr Bloomberg, then what are we left to say to ANY of the billionaires?

Hillary's governing sensibilities are not far afield from Michael Bloomberg. She and Sanders were not able to join together on a ticket --- the surest path to Democratic Victory in 2018.

I doubt my deal above is far afield from Bernie. Can we make a deal, Mr Bloomberg --- we need a sweeping, far-reaching coalition that can make a major shift in direction for the country. We have see what failure to close a deal means. Are we talking, Mr Bloomberg???

John Case
Harpers Ferry, WV
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