Thursday, October 8, 2020

Journal Entry: 10.8.20 Desolation Row


Larry Summers summarized on CNN: the consequences of Trump's cancellation of any stimulus "until after the election": more unemployment, less output, lower incomes, more death, more poverty, more global dysfunction -- and -- a DOUBLE recession. 

I went to bed right after the fly landed on Pence. At least he was civil. But Kamala Harris wiped him out from the start. Imagine Adolf Eichmann, charged with mass murder in Nazi concentration camps, offering copies of his condolence letters to his victim's families as examples of his pathos for their loss. 200,000 dead from Covid, the worst record in the world, and he offers prayers for them!

Despite Trump voter suppression effort, his campaign appears floundering, especially since the debate, and since his COVID infection. But between now and the first quarter of 2021, when relief might appear, we may be at the mercy of this neo Nazi garbage, with his ability to launch big provocations both nationally and internationally. 

The great Night Soldiers spy series by Alan Furst features a Polish Officer in the Spring and Summer of 1939, torn from his marriage and family hopes and aspirations planned for the Fall, by the Nazi invasion in September. The legendary Polish cavalry rode to defend the nation  against German tanks and aircraft. The marriage was ruined, as was the future. The Polish Officer became both a Russian, and a British spy.

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