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Friday, April 7, 2017

Fwd: Fight for One Another

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From: Stewart Acuff <>
Date: April 7, 2017 at 2:56:38 AM EDT
To: Stewart <>
Subject: Fight for One Another

We who work everyday, love our kids and one another

Who know our place in America is worth a fight for all that's right

We feel America, our failings and our success for each other

We cannot and will not abandon America's Dream that we might

Make a way for all the hopes born in the bosom of our universal mother

The hopes nurtured in the hearts of slaves and sharecroppers, workers, poor farmers that we might

Leave a world better for our being here and loving one another

We, our people, will not abandon all the life and lives and blood bled in night after dark night

Do not look for our backs, we will not run nor will we smother

The future promised us by all the tears of all who made hope possible, something real to hold

Today we know this fight is ours, that  the way ahead demands we be bold

We will fight for these things born in our hearts , sealed by the struggle of others for one another
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