Friday, June 17, 2016

RE: [CCDS Members] Hillary after Orlando on ISIS

and NOW!!!   dozens of State Department officials – have demanded bomb strikes on Assad-Syria!!!!!  making for war - this war -as Hillary approaches or attains ascendancy.  Trump however appears less likely to do this.    N.


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and let the Jews-Israel's and America's continue to murder the people it evicted from their homes and now seeks to annihilate entirely – or at least to inflict tortures resembling Germany's and other 'great' nations'. well as torment the rest of us by institutionalized violence --   Support Hillary! 

How did YOU 'feel' at 9-11?  Did you feel the way the U.S. commanded you to (see below "...let me remind us all, I remember, I remember how it felt, on the day after 9/11,...")  – via broadcasts reminiscent of dictatorial expressions in such as Germany?  Or did you respond, oh look what the U.S. has done – to people in this the U.S., now, as it does to people these past 200/500 years?, caused by U.S. brutality, a strike here in the U.S....

The revised anti-communism – that made us hate and fear identifying with the only struggle that is ours:  "But as ISIS loses actual ground in Iraq and Syria, it will seek to stage more attacks and gain stronger footholds wherever it can, from Afghanistan, to Libya, to Europe.

The threat is metastasizing."

I suppose posting this speech is only meant to be informative, certainly not laudatory in agreement.



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'Americans need to stand together': Hillary Clinton's remarks following the Orlando shooting

Clinton delivered an address pledging that as president she would take on "lone wolves" who might out terrorist attacks in the United States and calling for unity in light of the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando on Sunday. The compete transcript of her remarks in Cleveland are posted below.




Thank you all very much.


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