Monday, June 27, 2016

Breakdown of Taxes by Country [feedly]

Breakdown of Taxes by Country
// The Big Picture

Right after my MCNBC hit, I leave the 3rd floor studios by elevator, and have a an interesting conversation with a Very Famous Person®.

The VFP® is also a Trump supporter. He is amiable enough, and we chat Brexit (Trump's team is excited, they believe it bodes well for them as an anti-establishment candidate).

Then taxes comes up, and the Very Famous Person® says


I ask him by what measure, and he responds ALL OF THEM. I start to laugh, and tell him how wrong he is, by just about any way you look at it.

Here is some data backing up my position:

Source: Politifact


I think facts matter, and if you are hoping to bullshit your way into office, it is everyone with any sort of expertise to call out the bullshitters when they venture into your territory.



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