Saturday, June 18, 2016


What is going on with Hillary and half the Dem establishment (maybe more) leaning toward military involvement in Syria as a response to the Orlando shooting??

Is this part of the dues we pay for relying upon a liberal to defeat Trump? We get war-baited by that horses ass, that complete fraud, into another complete fuck-up in the Mid EAst? We right off abandon the reluctance of Obama to to blow some more Mideast shit up?

I confess a certain sexist error in tending to attribute Hillary's hawkish posture to a perception issue -- can a woman president pull the trigger? Its not just posture.

There is ONLY ONE short term response to the Orlando shooting: ban ALL assault weapons. period. And enforce it. There's the rub.  If you can't do that, then, just at least, please, tell the truth -- There is NO Protection against the insanities arising from this increasingly divided, unjustifiably unequal society. You better Arm UP and prepare yourself for the blood-dimmed tide.

I see Sanders response -- ban the assault weapons -- did not stop him from remaining focused on the basics confronting our society. But doing so left him open to the accusation of be "tone deaf" to the importance and sensitivity to "hateful ideologies".  I was prepared to consider that accusation until I heard Hillary -- and many others on the liberal side -- sing the true tone: go to war against "radical jihadism".

NO thanks.


John Case
Harpers Ferry, WV

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