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25 charts that show Amazon's explosive growth over the past decade (AMZN) [feedly]

the charts are as strong an argument for public intervention in too big to fail corps as any speech or text.

25 charts that show Amazon's explosive growth over the past decade (AMZN)

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  • Over the past decade, Amazon has turned into a tech juggernaut selling everything from books to cloud computing power and hardware devices.
  • It is now one of the most richly valued companies in the world.
  • These 25 charts illustrate the company's growth over the past decade.
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Amazon has seen unprecedented growth over the past decade — going from an upstart e-commerce company to one of the most powerful tech giants in the world.

Amazon's business now goes far beyond just online retail. It's the market leader in the massive cloud computing industry, and has a rapidly growing advertising and hardware segment. It's also significantly expanded its in-house delivery arm that could one day rival the services offered by the likes of FedEx or UPS.

A lot of that expansion happened over the past decade: Its stock price has more than doubled since 2010, and went from $34.2 billion in revenue to a projected $279.1 billion over the same period.

These 25 charts show what Amazon's explosive growth over the last decade looks like:

Amazon's share price grew more than tenfold since 2010, becoming one of the most popular stocks among investors. In 2018, it briefly passed $1 trillion in market cap for the first time. It is currently worth over $900 billion and is one of the most richly valued public companies in the world.

Markets Insider 

Amazon's revenue consistently grew at a 20% to 30% clip every year over the past decade — an unusually high rate of growth for a company of its size. This year, Amazon is expected to record $279.1 billion in total revenue.

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As the business grew, Amazon had to hire more. In 2010, Amazon employed just 33,700 people. Now it has 750,000 employees worldwide — a 22-time increase from 10 years ago.

Ruobing Su/Business Insider 

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