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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Links for 11-14-16 [feedly]

Links for 11-14-16
// Economist's View

What America's Economy Needs from Trump - Joseph E. Stiglitz Trump and the markets: good, bad or (very) ugly? - Gavyn Davies A badly designed US stimulus will only hurt the working class - Larry Summers Long-Term Unemployment After the Great Recession: Causes and remedies - VoxEU DeLanda on concepts, knobs, and phase transitions - Understanding Society Fiscal Policy Changes and Aggregate Demand - Brad DeLong On Burkean Marxism - Stumbling and Mumbling Do We Know How Risky E-Cigarettes Are? - RegBlogFinancial globalisation and monetary policy effectiveness - VoxEU Bourgeois Vice and the Personal Responsibility Act - Stephen T. Ziliak Leasing Sovereignty: On State Infrastructure Contracts - Matthew Titolo How Will Antitrust Policy Look Like Under President Trump? - ProMarket

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