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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Donald Trump Is Not a Legitimate President Elect and He Never Will Be

The 2016 U S election would not qualify as free and fair anywhere in the world as judged by the United Nations.

I know--I was a U N election observer in Sierra Leone in 1996.

Trump us disqualified because of intimidation and police activity. In fact, the FBI played a threatening role with the HRC campaign and with voters. Comey went way out of bounds voicing his own opinions when announced the emails investigation.

Foreign interference. 17 U S intelligence agencies have confirmed that Russia hacked U S political organizations to sway and influence the election. Now, even top Republicans have announced Congress will investigate.

Widespread vote theft and voter suppression. 87 voting machines were inoperable in Detroit on Election Day. 87,000 votes were destroyed. 300,000 voters were removed from the rolls in Wisconsin. Donald Trump and the Republican Party mounted an unprecedented fascist or totalitarian-like effort to snatch victory away from democracy. It is on such a comprehensive foundation that we must build our RESISTANCE. It is critical that our resistance to Trump's losing election is based on the broadest foundation to attract the largest constituency to our righteous fight.

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