Monday, December 17, 2018

Blog repair…and a request for questions. [feedly]

Blog repair…and a request for questions.

I've been remiss in keeping up with this blog. While I still post here–especially stuff that's too technical to go elsewhere and my write-up of the monthly jobs numbers–I've taken to posting most weekly takes on this or that to my PostEverything WaPo column.

In the old days, however, I used to post a link here to those posts, often with an extra comment or two. Here's a brief attempt to update:

This one's more political than usual: I pushback on Frank Bruni's NYT oped arguing that my former boss VP Biden shouldn't run in 2020. To be clear, I don't know who should run, but neither does anybody else.

Here's some noodling about what I judge to be a highly interesting moment in macro-dynamics: the job market is fueling strong consumer spending, which is almost 70 percent of US GDP. But the other components of GDP are all shakier. It's C vs. I+G+NX!

In a related recent post, I get into what some other sources recent econo-angst: the flattening yield curve and the late 2019 fiscal fade.

Another entry into current economic events: The cause for a pause in the Fed's rate hike campaign.

–I recently interviewed the great Belle Sawhill on her new book, The Forgotten American.

–I've been putting together what I call a "reconnection agenda" set of pieces intended to help members of the new House majority and their staffs think through some of the key policy issues that have been ignored or abused for too long. Here's one on fiscal policy and one on jobs. Tomorrow, I'll post #3 in this series–on climate change.

I've also featured the occasional musical link to share with those who, like me, recognize the essential importance of great music to get us through these challenging times. We if you need to ingest the chill pill, I'll happily write you a prescription for the first cut here from the Gator: Willis Gator Tail Jackson.

Finally, I was asked to do a video answering questions folks have on anything I write about–economy, political economy, markets, fiscal policy…you know my methods. So, if you've got a question that might be usefully addressed in such a venue, please post it to comments.

Thanks, and seasonally-adjusted greetings (which I guess means no greetings at all!).

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