Friday, January 13, 2017

Re: Past doesn't have to be prologue to future

Unfortunately, the  horse Sam is beating is Sam. And left wing finger pointing is all this post is itself about. It's feet are firmly planted in that five or six word long multi-thingy "coalition" fiction that has as much substance as a passing rain cloud of thought patterns. From the raincloud, allegedly a "wide-angle" viewpoint, only Hillary's campaign passed muster as a standard-bearer against the ultra right, while Bernie is now openly blamed as the too-class-conscious "weakness" that drained support from Hillary. A shameful position,. IMO, I won't bother to debate. O, and no more "class against class", "them and us", or walking picket lines, like Bernie does. From the multi-thingy raincloud of thought patterns perspective, even Piketty, and the immense data accumulating on the ravages and dynamics of inequality are all wet, and opaque. 

SUMMARY: From a "coalition" position firmly planted in mid air, Sam says : stay behind Hillary's 70 million voters.

On Jan 13, 2017 1:41 PM, "Samuel Webb" <> wrote:
Here is a new post ( Attempt to raise some questions of a strategic nature.  Likely more than a few will disagree with its direction. Would be curious to hear what you think.

Anyway, have a good weekend. Sam

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