Thursday, January 12, 2017

Our Resistance

Our Fight to Save Obamacare

I just read an article by Nobel Laureate and NYTimes columnist Paul Krugman about the GOP being willing to repeal .Obamacare without a replacement.

Because now 30 million Americans receive get their health insurance from elements of Obamacare and because both coverage of adult children and no pre- existing conditions are so popular, the fascists have backed themselves into a hot , messy corner.

Obamacare is very controversial--Except for its Elements.

The fascists' opposition to Obamacare created the internal necessity to destroy it--despite it's Very Popular Elements.

Because so much of the coverage of Obamacare comes through. Medicaid, the destruction of Obamacare is an Attack on Medicare.

Congressional Democrats must fight the fascists by focussing on the popular elements of the policy.

The intended destruction of Obamacare is An Attack on Medicaid.

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