Friday, March 24, 2017

Wait…wuh? Reflections and links after a totally crazy week… [feedly]

Wait…wuh? Reflections and links after a totally crazy week…

…with an unbelievable ending.

First, links to stuff you may have missed.

–A joint oped with Ben Spielberg on why work requirements for Medicaid are a really bad idea. House R's tried to win over their hard right colleagues by adding this to their benighted health care bill, which by now you know failed anyway. But I fear it ain't going away.

–Speaking of Ben, here's a link to our podcast episode #5, on health care, of all things, with an absolutely kickin' musical interlude and a…um…long joke by Ben.

–I contend, and events suggest I may be right, that for the R's, health care reform is a lot harder to pull off than tax cuts. So why did they start with health care? Here's why.

–Finally, off the top of the old noggin', I just scratched out a bunch of explanations as to why the R's failed to repeal/replace O'care. See what you think, and add your own additions in comments.

Now, I plan to not think about health policy all weekend. Instead, I'll watch and listen to this mind-altering performance of Mozart's Violin Concerto #3 by the incomparable Hilary Hahn. If the cadenza at the end of the first movement doesn't give you chills, please check your pulse, as you may have perished. To say that this music/performance is the universal opposite of the R's health care plan isn't quite right–they don't belong to the same universe. But you maybe know what I mean. There is still a lot of good in the world, if you know where to look for it.

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