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Re: [socialist-econ] Populism and the Politics of Health [feedly]

Krugman should be better than this. This part of why everyday Americans hate the elite. 

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Moderator: Krugman too! its all "white identity". Run away from Sanders in WV! Ignore labor! Shut up about austerity and CLASS inequalities! No more "universal benefits"! Except it might be GOOD to take away white Trump voters benefits, and punish them for not holding up the heaven of the Clinton and Obama eras which, for the median worker, yielded what in income? NOTHING. 

Obamacare was the only benefit and the Rs saw to it that that program's weaknesses were structured to provide an anti political base (for the "middle class" that did not get sufficient subsidies and for whom it was still a financial burden in an era off no raises). How stupid of them to be sucked into Trump!!

K's solution: Let them get the screwing they deserve! Until their "white identity" is erased, presumably.

Think this kind of thinking will put the fascist dog to sleep, friends????????

I think not.

Populism and the Politics of Health

Paul Krugman:

Populism and the Politics of Health: What's next on health care? Truly, I have no idea. The AHCA is a real stinker... But ... starting off the Trump legislative era with the crashing and burning of Obamacare repeal would deeply damage Trump... So they will pull out all the stops.
But why are Republicans having so much trouble? Health reform is hard... But there's a more fundamental issue: who is being served?
Obamacare helped a large number of people at the expense of a small, affluent minority: basically, taxes on 2% of the population to cover a lot of people and assure coverage to many more. Trumpcare would reverse that, hurting a lot of people (many of whom voted Trump) so as to cut taxes for a handful of wealthy people. That's a difference that goes beyond political strategy. ...
And yet, and yet: Trump did in fact win over white working-class voters, who thought they were voting for a populist...
This ties in with an important recent piece by Zack Beauchamp on the striking degree to which left-wing economics fails, in practice, to counter right-wing populism... Why?
The answer, presumably, is that what we call populism is really in large degree white identity politics, which can't be addressed by promising universal benefits. Among other things, these "populist" voters now live in a media bubble, getting their news from sources that play to their identity-politics desires, which means that even if you offer them a better deal, they won't hear about it or believe it if told. For sure many if not most of those who gained health coverage thanks to Obamacare have no idea that's what happened.
That said, taking the benefits away would probably get their attention, and maybe even open their eyes to the extent to which they are suffering to provide tax cuts to the rich. ...
... Trumpism is faux populism that appeals to white identity but actually serves plutocrats. That fundamental contradiction is now out in the open.

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