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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Links for 01-13-18

Links for 01-13-18 // Economist's View

The search for the next president of the NY Fed is a big deal - Josh Bivens Tight money is not the answer to weak productivity growth - Obstfeld and Duval Does Retirement Raise the Risk of Death? - Tim Taylor Financial variables and macroeconomic forecast errors - Fed in Print Debt issuance activity after the global financial crisis - All About Finance The Fed Delivered $80.2 Billion in Profits to the Treasury in 2017 - NY Times Wall Street versus Main Street: IOER Edition - David Beckworth Ready or Not for the Next Recession? - Barry Eichengreen Measuring the "Free" Digital Economy - Tim Taylor Biased to the powerful - Stumbling and Mumbling What early-20th-century scholars got right about 21st-century politics - Vox Lowflation: Then and Now - MacroMania Now is the time for complacency: RBA vs Bank of England - Nicholas Gruen The Fed's Inflation Target and Policy Rules - John Taylor Unauthorized Immigration: Effects and Policy Responses - FRB Richmond GDP at risk - VoxEU

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