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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Links: Be ready, Ds. What happened to OT? Do R’s care about deficits?

Links: Be ready, Ds. What happened to OT? Do R's care about deficits? // Jared Bernstein | On the Economy

–First, from yesterday's WaPo, when the pendulum swings back, assuming the nation's still standing, D's need to "be ready to launch thoughtful, vetted, well-understood and well-articulated plans in key policy areas." I offer nudges in the areas of taxes, health care, poverty/inequality, and jobs.

–The salary threshold for overtime pay should have been raised long ago, but team Trump isn't going there. They've said they'll consider raising the salary threshold but to a lower level than Obama proposed. The DoL asked for comments on the threshold, and here's a link to mine.  See also EPI's Heidi Shierholz's comment; she fought really hard for this as DoL's chief economist back in the day and she takes a really trenchant dive into the issue.

–Do Republicans really give even half-a-crap about budget deficits? Actually, they kinda do, but only as a tactic to argue for spending cuts. In today's NYT.




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