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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Catching up on some links… [feedly]

Catching up on some links…

…to stuff in faraway lands.

EG, here's a piece in the NY Daily News wherein I argue that for all the voices proclaiming that Trump's really nasty and thoroughly mathematically challenged first budget is "dead-on-arrival" in the Congress, that's unfortunately not quite accurate. Why not? Because "virtually every priority in Trump's budget is one that Republicans have been trying to legislate for years. That by itself should tell you that this budget, though it won't become law, is far from dead."

Second, in today's WaPo, I argue that no question, progressive must play defense to preserve what we've got, but it's walk-and-chew-gum time. We also must craft and elevate a true, progressive alternative.

That's going to involve higher minimum wages, more labor protections (especially increasing the number of people eligible for overtime pay), a big expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit (which the Trump budget proposes to cut), direct job creation in places where even at full employment there are not enough jobs, child allowances for families raising kids (an idea that's gaining traction beyond progressive circles), a gradual phase-in of Medicare for All by gradually lowering the eligibility age, deep investments in human capital starting with preschool and going through college, and progressive tax changes to help finance the agenda.

I mean, it may be wishful thinking, but what if people wake up to Trump's bait-and-switch and starting looking around? I'd like them to be able to turn to an actual progressive agenda vs. the faux one they've been sold heretofore.

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