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Monday, June 18, 2018

The U.S. obstinately bent its own way -- this will definitely hurt people

Although China and the United States have conducted several rounds of consultations on economic and trade issues in an effort to resolve differences and achieve a win-win situation, on June 15th, local time, the White House still disregards the consensus that has been formed between both sides, and insisted on throwing out a $50 billion taxation list to provoke it. The trade war between the world's two major economies has not only undermined bilateral interests but also undermined world trade order. China's first time expressed its firm opposition.

  "Illegal behavior" "damages and harms oneself", and international public opinion is shocked by the short-sighted behavior of the United States. Ever since the trade dispute was provoked, the fickleness of the United States has become the "normal", which not only has consumed and squandered its own national credibility, but has also allowed China to further recognize the unruly, self-serving nature of the Trump administration. The Chinese side has already said earlier that China does not want to fight a trade war, but it never fears a trade war. Regarding the seemingly unexpected behavior of the United States, China is well prepared and has enough determination and ability to strike back the trade war imposed on us. On the one hand, tax measures of the same scale and the same intensity have already been on the road and will be given to the United States. On the other hand, the date on which the US taxation list was landed was when all the economic and trade achievements reached through consultations between the two sides were destroyed.

  There is no winner in the trade war, and the United States instigates a trade war, which is extremely destructive to free trade, economic globalization, the multilateral trading system, and global industrial chains throughout the world. The entire world will be guilty of unilateralism in the United States. As the number one developed country, the United States should have become a common defender of the multilateral trading system and let everyone benefit from the economic development and globalization process. However, "U.S. priorities" are becoming an act of the United States alone, and the Trump administration is obsessed with playing a disgraceful role as a global economic disruptor. Recently, the United States has waved the great stick of its trade war and has rashly rushed to other countries. The former allies of the European Union, Canada, and Mexico have successively become victims of trade protectionism, fully exposing the Trump administration's deregulation of globalization and opposition to trade liberalization. Suspense. In the eyes of the United States, the rules of international trade are splendid garments, worn when needed, and taken off when they are not needed. The United States can behave arbitrarily, but the world economy and international trade have tossed with such irresponsibility and can't afford it. China must work together with other countries to resolutely fight against this irresponsible behavior, and to color the militants so that the good will accept them. lesson.

  Calculate profits when it comes to the world. Trade has always been a multilateral and bilateral behavior that promotes the interests of all parties. History has repeatedly proved that engaging in trade wars in order to solve trade imbalances is an outdated, backward, and inefficient act that not only harms the economy, but also loses morals and counters the world. The trend does not meet global interests. The multilateral trading system is the right way to resolve trade imbalances. Destruction of the multilateral trading system will only cause countries to fall back to their old game models that use each other as their neighbors. The trade war slapstick initiated by the United States has pushed the multilateral trade order to the edge of a dangerous cliff. Only the people of insight throughout the world can boycott and work together to set the course for the development of the world economy, roll the wheels of economic globalization, and crush any attempts and illusions of trade protectionism.

  "Take the ground to Qin and still hold a salary to save the fire." This is what the Chinese people have known since ancient times. In the face of the trade attack launched by power-makers, China did not choose to withdraw from the beginning, but tit-for-tatly, arguing against arguments, resolutely safeguarding national interests and the interests of the people, and resolutely defending economic globalization and the multilateral trading system. Only those who are instigated by the war can stop the war. The inciting trade warfare does not stop the unreasonable behavior without feeling pain. In response to the trade war, although we have to pay a certain price, we will look to the future. This is a good international environment for safeguarding peace and development. We will maintain the excellent situation created during the 40 years of reform and opening up. Such a price can be paid and worth paying. With the challenges and pains, China will usher in a vast space for development and greater opportunities for development.

  From the day of firm choice of reform and opening up, China was determined to fight the storm in the ocean of the world economy, and it was also accustomed to the turbulent waves on the way forward. The great American trade protectionism can not stop China's economic stability and good development, and it can't change the established direction of China's great strides in reform and opening up. As a responsible big country, China is an active participant, a strong supporter, and an important contributor to the multilateral trading system. It will not close its doors because people are unduly arguing. To deal with the external challenges of trade protectionism, the most fundamental thing is to conscientiously manage our own affairs and turn pressure into motivation. It is believed that after the turmoil, the Chinese economy will be healthier and stronger, releasing more lasting development charm.

John Case
Harpers Ferry, WV
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