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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Re: [socialist-econ] The Dangerous Myth That Hillary Clinton Ignored the Working Class - The Atlantic

Thanks, John, for this article and for your accompanying thoughts. You are absolutely right that economic issues must be the top of the list of Democratic issues lest we "scramble for the crumbs" and blame one another. And economic issues must be campaigned on vigorously as Bernie did and as hrc did before getting the nomination. When did hrc mention raising the minimum wage after the Dem convention or ss or Medicare or Medicaid or coll bargain?  While American history and the American experience are very mixed, our best traditions are the ongoing struggle for more justice and freedom and a better quality of life for all. We should root our values and policies in the American struggle lest we cast our values as European imports. People don't vote for policy ideas or white papers, they vote for those they think are on their side. That is why the strategic empathy of Bill and Obama was so powerful. 

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There is a good argument here that social democracy (that means "more socialism") is required for broadbased economic AND accompanying cultural progress REQUIRED for an advanced multi racial, multinational, multicultural society. Secretary Clinton's economics were consistent with movement in a social democratic direction, although her and Bill Clinton s style were more cosmopolitan than internationalist.

It's also true that anti Socialist, anti equality biases, racist sexist and hateful propaganda and diversions -- all have the "virtues" -- for the billionaires -- of undermining the institutional and cultural foundations of any social democracy. Further, they have captured a significant section of the white population, which Trump exploited.

Still, saying this in order to refute the critical role of the LONG RUNNING 40 yr devastation wrought by Austerity on MOST WORKERS OF ALL RACES, is ANOTHER delusion the liberal billionaires plant in the left -- put CLASS at the bottom of the list of "top priorities".

When the bosses got you scrambling for crumbs, they will give everyone reasons not to unite. The good points in this piece are weakened by the defeatism of the lose-lose conclusion. Economic progress for all is not the only requirement for advanced social democracy, but it's the FIRST one without which no other can be achieved

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