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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Links for 11-01-16 [feedly]

Links for 11-01-16
// Economist's View

Trade Plateaus (Wonkish) - Paul Krugman The revival of US economic growth - Dale Jorgenson, et. al. Denial of Access to Mortgage Credit for Black Americans - INET Will social democracy return? - Branko Milanovic Bank of Japan at the Policy Frontier - Cecchetti & Schoenholtz Environmentalists should support a carbon tax in Washington - Berkeley Blog "Dozens of economists" endorse the carbon tax - Environmental Economics Log-linear Approx. vs an Exact Solution in the NK model - Eggertsson and Singh Overcoming the Public-Sector Coordination Problem - Ricardo Hausmann Trends in Trade, the Story Is Not so Simple - Dean Baker Unemployment insurance reform: a primer - Equitable Growth New eBook: Refugees and Economic Migrants - VoxEU Selecting for fanaticism - Stumbling and Mumbling Clinton's emails and UK austerity - mainly macro How the Fed might react to the jump in GDP - Mark Thoma Macro Musings Podcast: Rudi Bachmann - David Beckworth Why C.E.O.s Are Getting Fired More - James Surowiecki The fundamental factors behind the Brexit vote - VoxEU Econometric Analysis of Recurrent Events - No Hesitations New York Times on GMOs - Jayson Lusk A Grave Problem - Frances Woolley Fighting Crises - NBER

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